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"I have always been interested in the mental side of the game, and Focused for Soccer was the first book that helped me understand the power of attitude and how to get the best out of myself."

Jamie Carragher, Liverpool FC, Premier League

"Bill Beswick is outstanding in the field of sports psychology.  His work has been a valuable resource in my coaching career and I would highly recommend Focused for Soccer to coaches and athletes at any level."

Shelley Smith, Head Coach, South Carolina University Women's Soccer

In the first edition of Focused for Soccer, Bill Beswick uncovered the power of sport psychology for soccer players and coaches worldwide.  Now completely revised and updated, this second edition cements its status as the essential guide for mastering soccer's mental game.

Focused for Soccer emphasises playing first with the head, then with the heart, developing decision-making skills and keeping emotional responses in check.  The practical  tips, examples from top Premier League teams, and step-by-step techniques will help sharpen your skills and unleash your potential.

All aspects of the mental game are covered - from concentration and visualization techniques to building mental toughness and team cohesion.  Featuring the latest coaching strategies for male and female players, match preparation and communication, Focused for Soccer is your complete guide to a winning attitude and soccer success.

Also available as an eBook, the lessons and tips in Focused for Soccer are also easily transferable into other team sports and business applications.

What people have said about Focused for Soccer

"This book is not just a worthwhile read, it's also a necessary reference I can consult as my team experiences the highs and lows of competitive football."

Steve McLaren, Manager, FC Twente, Holland

"This book is filled with fantastic content, direction and experience from the highest level.  It's an extremely valuable resource for coaches and I will most certainly be referring back to it several times throughout a football season."

Anthony Hudson, Coach, Bahrain U23

"The powerful combination of practical experience at the very highest level and applied principles of sport psychology in action, makes Focused for Soccer a must read for anyone interested in gaining a deeper understanding of attaining peak performance in sport and life.  A must read!

Tom Bates, Academy Coach &  Psychologist, Birmingham City FC

"Bill Beswick has written one of the best books on sports psychology. I have also given it to many people in business, who found it immensely helpful and practical when building teams. Highly recommended, a great read."

Mike Pegg, Performance Psychologist, UK

"I coach the U14 girls Elite team.  I had a player who was extremely hard on herself.  The coaches felt she was one of the top players on the team but she was never satisfied with her play.  I gave her my copy of Focused for Soccer.  She is now playing with great confidence, has made the State Team in her age group and continues to develop as an all round player.

Tim Krout, Executive Director, Richmond Kickers Youth Soccer Club, USA

Focused for Soccer is available from Amazon & other booksellers.

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