Welcome to Bill Beswick Sportsmind

Bill Beswick

Let me begin by giving a warm welcome to sports coaches, players and fans from all over the world. We all share a love of sport and the desire to understand and improve performance at whatever level we coach or play.

This Sportsmind website and the performance psychology resources it offers will focus mainly on the psychology of soccer. However the much of the application of performance psychology is common across all sports and I feel there is much of value for everybody – especially team sports – so just cross out soccer and insert your own sport!

Don't be put off by the word 'psychology'. This is not a website for academics, more a source of applied theory - drawing upon sound principles to produce practical ideas, suggestions and solutions for coaches and players at any level. I much prefer to be called a 'stretch' stretching a performance one or two percent by getting attitudes right, rather than a 'shrink' – looking for the deeper causes of problems.

This website and the products on offer are all designed to promote positive winning attitudes and reflect my learning as a result of my personal journey through education, sport and life.

  • Will it help you win? – Yes
  • Will it help you become a better player/coach? – Yes
  • Will it help you become a better person – I hope so

Thanks for visiting