What Clients have said about Bill's Work with Them & Their Teams

"In our minds there is a clear link between the performance management of athletes and managers within organisations. The work we've done here at The Lowry Hotel with Bill has not only helped us manage through the toughest recession seen but be prepared and set ourselves for the good times again.

From the start we engaged with Bill and Sportsmind's approach gaining a great deal of momentum and engagement with the team through a series of team and individual workshops. We are 100% confident we are in a much better position as a result."

Jason Harding, General Manager, The Lowry Hotel, Manchester (Rocco Forte Collection)

"Delegates were very enthusiastic about your course, I received positive reactions the same day. We will definitely organize a follow-up meeting to this course and will contact you about it soon."

Vincent van Driel, Operations Director, World Football Academy, Netherlands

Comments from various schools: staff, parents & governors events

"I enjoyed the stories and videos which applied the psychological knowledge".

"It was interesting to hear Bill talk about ability v attitude and I think he gave very good advice to both pupils and parents".

"I found it very interesting and felt inspired to improve my attitude to see what I can achieve". 

"I enjoyed the fact that Bill has worked with top professionals and has witnessed first hand, how professionals cope at the top level".

"The way it was presented and the stories he had experienced were very engaging".

"What I would also like to say, Bill, is that the hour you kindly spent with me went a long way towards helping my work and much of what I have achieved is thanks to your good self and the books you have written."

Dave Horrocks, Sports Psychologist, UK

Feedback from Sportsmind's Workshop "Mindset – The Key to Performance Excellence"

" A super package – theory, strategies and case studies – much to provoke my thinking in developing excellence in performance"

"Keep the content current – as you have done"

"Case work very connecting & informative & a tool to go away and utilise"

"....very well presented, really enjoyable and beneficial – invite me again!"

Sportsmind Mindset Workshop Delegates