The Third in The Coaching Handbook Series

Posted on March 14, 2012 by Bill Beswick

You can now buy the third in my series of “starter” Coaching Handbook publications.  After the success of ‘Building Winning Attitudes in Young Players’ and ‘Tough-Love Coaching,’ we’ve added ‘Building the Perfect Coaching Environment for Young Players’ in response to feedback from coaches.  All the Handbooks are now available as pdf files too, for easy downloading onto laptops or convenient viewing on iPads & iPhones.

In the same easily readable format, this new Handbook gives coaches, teachers and parents a compelling explanation of the ingredients that go to make the ideal supportive surroundings while youngsters are learning the game.  Starting with ‘The Big Picture’ - a recognition of the importance of the right direction and purpose through leadership, it then covers how to best engage young players, moves onto building a programme and ends by dealing with game day and its aftermath of success or failure.  It’s not text book stuff – it’s real practical experience I’ve gathered from coaching U-8 kids up to working with elite national teams and coaches.  There’s hints, tips and stories - and I make no apologies for repeating key messages here and there to reinforce the essentials.

What would you like the subject of the next Handbook to be?  If you are a youth coach, a parent helping out at the club or a teacher taking soccer classes on the school field – you can let me know what you would like help with - I’m open to offers on the next title.

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