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Posted on August 21, 2012 by Bill Beswick

As many of you know, my work covers a wide range of performance issues – best summed up quite simply as:

Helping coaches and players get the best out of themselves and their teams!
The aim of the website is to distill my 40 (gulp!) years of experience at all levels of sport - and particularly at professional and National Team standards in soccer, rugby and basketball - into a range of resources that can help players and coaches to develop themselves, their teams and their performances.

Of course all the time I’m gaining new knowledge though new assignments, reading, (as widely as time allows!) and sharing experiences with coaches, sport psychologists and players.   All this feeds into the new resources and publications that I’ll be continuing to create and make available via billbeswick.com  

Like many millions of you I have both enjoyed and learned from London 2012. The Olympic Games are where, every four years, excellence in performance and coaching is re-defined and this year there has been such an atmosphere of energy and enthusiasm that couldn’t fail to bring renewed motivation to those who seek success in sporting achievement.

Image by David-Poultney

In a similar way, my ongoing work with FC Twente, competing in the Dutch Eredivisie (Premier League) and Europe,  allows me the opportunity to be involved in a very challenging competitive environment, plus the broader FC Twente Club relationship brings me into contact with the Women’s team and the developing Academy  environments. 

Another interesting strand of regular work each year are my US visits; with FC Dallas in the MLS, and College soccer at Clemson, USC and SMU, all on the recent agenda.  This often gives the opportunity of working with both men’s and women’s teams and can embrace wider Athletics Department coaches – all adding new perspectives and comparative coaching situations. 

These experiences, plus training camps this summer with the England Rugby Team and the GB U20 and U18 (men & women) basketball squads, mean it’s been a busy time – the richness of these varied experiences continue to give new dimensions to my thinking and writing.  In time these will feed through into additional resource materials in performance excellence to publish and share.

The Euros and the Olympics are over, while the new 2012-2013 season is kicking off in the UK and Europe and pre-season preparation is now underway in US college soccer.   

So take a look at the resources we have available and see what could give you a good start to the season.

Good Luck and Success in your sport!

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